Service and Maintenance

Keep your excellent KESAIR devices in good shape, with proper installation and regular maintenance.

Maintenance is important

Carefully installed, regularly inspected and maintained air handling system remains in good condition and operates energy efficiently. Maintained this way, our assemblies and equipment have a lifespan of decades. Faulty or unmaintained equipment will not work as intended, and hence air circulation will be compromised. Inadequate ventilation can lead to poor indoor air quality, and damage to structures.


Our machines have a two-year warranty, during which time we are responsible for any defects in our assemblies. Our warranty does not cover basic maintenance of the equipment, such as cleaning, filter changes, etc. The machines are tested, inspected and photographed at our factory before shipment to the customer, to ensure that they are in working order.

Machine information

The machine information folder attached in the shipment of our air handling unit, and the QR code sticker of the assembly, contain technical information relevant to the maintenance of the machine. Data includes important details, such as the filter type, and fan data. Carefully inspect the machine folder, and keep it safe in case of possible faults.

Maintenance Contract

Unfortunately, we do not offer service the machines, when they are in operation. However, we want to offer our customers the carefree coexistence with our machines. That is why we offer the opportunity to order up-to-date service and maintenance for the coming years as an additional service for the machine trade. The content of the maintenance agreement is always done according to each customer’s needs. Our partner in the maintenance and upkeep of our machines is Cervi. Cervi ensures that our machines are serviced on time, and that any faults are rectified as soon as possible. If desired, remote maintenance of the devices can also be included in the maintenance contract.

Service Manuals

We are providing and updating our selection of service manuals mainly in Finnish. Please, contact us for English manuals.