AHU’s with Run-around Heat Exchanger

AHU’s with Run-Around HEX – a good choice for demanding sites

Run around heat recovery system works by absorbing the heat from exhaust air to a glycol coil and releasing it through another coil to supply air. We offer two different types of assemblies; ones that both supply and exhaust air channels are together in the same unit, and ones that the channels stand in two separate units that can be placed away from eachother. AVGV-models discussed here, are run-around assemblies with both air channels combined. If you are looking for the two part run-around units, read more from AHUS no HEX / Run-around.

Our run-around assemblies including both supply and exhaust air (AVGV) are . If you would prefer separate entities for supply and exhaust air, AMIV-G is your call. They are suitable for air volumes between 1,2–10 m3/s. You will find more info about AMIV-G from AHUS no HEX / Run-around.

  • Suitable for air volumes between 0,9–10 m3/s.

  • AVGV -models are only available in vertical channel layout for air volumes between 0,9–10 m3/s. Exhaust channel can be constructed facing upwards, if so requested. Units can be assembled as a single entity, or in three separate parts that lock together into an entity in the final location. This makes it easier to hump them into place. Types 580 – 5100 (air volumes for 8 to 10 m3/s) are so large that they will only be delivered as three-piece entities.

  • Handedness can be adjusted to right or left.

  • Control panel includes eighter just terminal strip, terminal strip and switchboard or terminal strip, switchboard, and automation.

  • Additional supply air heating with fluid coils.


The exterior of each of our machine has been built with two layers of steel and insulated with 50 mm thick rock wool layer in between. The components include fluid coil or electric heater for heating, airtight dampers, filters, control panel and fans with EC-motors. We equip the assemblies with the necessary sensors for air pressure, velocity, quality and temperature. Or – If it pleases You, we install the ones you provide.


  • Prefilters for coarse dust and dirt
  • Cooling system for hot summer months, with chilled water air conditioning or direct expansion (DX) air conditioning
  • Air preheating system that uses the excess heat from indoor air
  • Air rotation damper, that rotates the indoor air
  • Silencers
  • Thermostatic shunt mixing loop and operating pump
  • Variety of valves and gauges for managing the air pressure, velocity and quality