Supply AHU’s with Run Around HEX

Supply Air Handling Units with Run Around HEX for Air volumes between 1,2–10 m3/s

Supply air handling units can be combined with exhaust air units and mounted with run around heat recovery system. This way the heat from exhaust air can be re-used in the supply air thus saving on heating costs. The features are the same as in the basic air handling units.

  • Units are usually horizontal but can be modified in to vertical.

  • Floor installation horizontally. Ceiling mounting if situation so requires. This, however, requires adequate scaffolding to make the installation safe. So please, take in consideration the bearing capacity of the roof and scaffolding.

  • Koneet sisältävät ilman suodatukseen ja lämmitykseen tarvittavat komponentit, lämmön talteenottoon vaadittavan glykolipatterin sekä tarvittavat sähkö ja automatiikkalaitteet.

  • Control panel includes eighter just terminal strip, terminal strip and switchboard or terminal strip, switchboard, and automation.

  • Control panel is located eighter in the unit or as a separate entity for easy access.


The exterior of each of our machine has been built with two layers of steel and insulated with 30 mm thick rock wool. The components include fluid coil or electric heater for heating, airtight damper, filters, control panel and fans with EC-motors. We equip the assemblies with the necessary sensors for air pressure, velocity, quality, and temperature. Or – If it pleases You – we install the ones you provide.


  • Prefilters for coarse dust and dirt.
  • Pre-heating with glycol coil radiators.
  • Cooling system with chilled water air conditioning or direct expansion (DX).
  • Silencers.
  • Thermostatic shunt mixing loop and operating pump.
  • Variety of valves and gauges for managing the air pressure, velocity and quality.