Kesair Air Handling Units

Designed and made by professionals

Welcome to the world of Kesair AHUs

It takes a great skill to design, dimension and build an air conditioning system to large scale commercial buildings, schools, care homes or factories. We are here to help You, with our energy efficient, up-to-date air handling units, done with great care and dedication, and customized to Your specific needs.

Kesair Dimensioning Software

The perfect and easy way to dimension just the type and size of an air handling unit for your project.

Our Products

Kesair AHUs for industrial and commercial buildings, offices, care homes and other large premises.

Careers in Kesair

We are constantly on the lookout for skilled professionals. Check out our open vacancies or send us an open application.

Our Products

Powerful and durable Kesair air handling units are suited for ventilating varied locations. They are tailored and mastered with great care. We help you to find just the right AHU for your premises, and offer help and guidance during the whole process. Explore our selection!


It’s a matter of pride to us, that things work out just right. We want to make sure our assemblies are dimensioned and suited to Your specific needs, and run energy efficiently. Get to know us better, and see what it means to us to be part of Kesair family.