Supply- and exhaust-air units for large volumes of air


Adaptable to a variety of conditions, each machine is modified and customized to meet your needs. If the space solutions of the new building or renovation site so require, the units can be built and delivered in several parts. The machines inhold the components needed for air filtration and heating, as well as the necessary electrical and automation equipment. If necessary, the exhaust air machines have the possibility of heat recovery with water-glycol LTO batteries.


Our vents are built with steel-wool-steel structure. 50 mm thick rock wool is used for insulation. Unit includes a heating radiator, air dampers, high quality air filters and a spare filter kit. Fans use EC motors where applicable, but AC or PM motors on large models. The fan type can be changed according to the customer’s wishes. For AC and PM motors, the fan always includes a frequency converter, unless otherwise requested by the customer. The heating radiator can be either fluid coil or electric heater.

Machines can be installed onto floor or ceiling. Control panel can be located in distance from the unit for easy operation. Units can also be modified to vertical models.


You can choose to include water, glycol or direct evaporative cooling radiators, pre-filters, mufflers, radiator mixing groups and circulation pumps for our machines, as well as a wide range of sensors and meters. Units can be equipped with an electrical control panel without or with automation. The customer can also deliver the components he wants to the factory for installation in the machine.


Tuloilmakoneiden tekniset dokumentit (pdf)

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