Supply- and exhaust-air ventilation units

Air in or air out, Kesair will provide you with correctly dimensioned supply- and exhaust-air devices.

tuloilmakone Select a supply-air unit, an exhaust-air unit, or both from our top-quality Kesair devices.

Device properties include

  • 50-mm thermal insulation
  • the possibility of heat recovery using water- or glycol-circulation heat-recovery heaters, rotary systems, or cross-flow heat exchangers
  • optionally, heating using a water-circulation or electric panel heater
  • the option of cooling that uses a water-circulation radiator or direct-evaporative cooler
  • the possibility of dividing the units into several parts
  • the possibility of choosing various delivery contents for electrical control equipment

The best and easiest way to select a suitable Kesair supply- or exhaust-air unit is to use the Kesair-mitoitusohjelmaa.

The design software will assist you in deciding on an appropriate, properly dimensioned ventilation device and in determining its automatics, along with adjustment charts and functional descriptions.

The Kesair design software is Web-based, so you always have access to the latest version and there is no need to download software to your computer.


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