Air-handling units for large volumes of air

LARGE HEAT-RECOVERY UNITS for air volumes between 0.2–10 m³/s

Kesair’s large heat-recovery units are designed for an air-flow range of 0.2–10 m³/s. The units are equipped with a cross-flow heat exchanger, rotary heat exchanger or with glycol-circulation heat recovery. The units can be adapted and customised in accordance with customer needs, and delivered in several parts. A wide range of different acessories make it possible to meet your specific needs.


  • Sheet-metal – mineral wool – sheet-metal construction, where 50 mm thick mineral wool works as heat insulation. Beam base and adjustable pedestals makes the unit sturdy and easy to install into place.
  • Tight fresh-air and exhaust-air dampers
  • Air filters for supply (EU7) and exhaust (EU5) air and a set of spare filters.
  • Direct-drive chamber fans. As preference we use EC motors, but for larger units AC- or PM -motors. Crequency converter is included, unless otherwise designated.
  • Heat recovery can be obtained with three different solutions: Heat-exchanger plate (including bypass dampers), rotary heat exchanger (including drive), or glycol-circulation heat recovery.
  • Water- or glycol-circulation heater or electric panel heater.


  • Cooling radiator based on water or glycol circulation or on direct evaporation.
  • Illuminated fan inspection glass.
  • Control panel.
  • Automatics with Ouman, Schneider, Siemens or Fidelix regulator
  • Connection regulators for remote monitoring (DDC).
  • Air-circulation operation.
  • Air-flow meters
  • Mixing shunt group and water-circulation pump
  • Smoke and gas monitoring
  • Flow monitor
  • Thermometers
  • CO2/CO/VOC sensor for air-quality monitoring
  • Installation of customer-supplied components and wiring to terminal block
  • Silencers

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